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Social Artist - Bath. Short and Sweet (50 Cities Challenge)

9 years, 10 months ago by socialartist

Bath. Short and Sweet (50 Cities Challenge)

I’d arrived in bath late on Tuesday night. I was visiting Glastonbury in the morning and needed a hotel after Visiting Wells (smallest city in England) and Bristol trying to find a hotel I had finally found a hotel in Bath which is about an hour away from Glastonbury. I Arrived at the hotel went straight upstairs and collapsed.


I woke up in the morning and thought well since I’m in Bath better go to get a photo. I speedily walked into the centre, which was two minutes and found thefamous Roman Baths after a cheeky Greggs steak bake obviously. But everyone seemed like they had somewhere to be. It was about 9am so people were rushing to work I guess. I’d walked down to the cathedral and saw a man who looked like he was in no rush. I introduced myself like I usually do to the man, Greg Allen was his name and he agreed to take my picture and also agreed to be in one with me. Greg was visiting from Australia and was looking for the tourist walks.



I’d thanked Greg and hurried off. Bath is nice and rustic and it was a shame I couldn’t spend more time there but work was calling.

City Seven Complete.