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checkmark-greenMoved cities and finding it hard to meet new people?
checkmark-greenOld friends not as social as they used to be?
checkmark-greenWant to be able to meet people who match your personality?

Meeting new people can be difficult as adults. As children we made instant connections with everyone we met. As work and other responsibilities take hold we tend to loose touch with old friends through one thing or another. This can be compounded by a change in circumstances like moving either to another city or even a country. I made it my goal to crack this and I have spent the last years travelling all around the world meeting people and more importantly making those people my friends.

If I can do this I know you can. I compiled this book as a practical guide with challenges to really get you out there and meeting new people, not just reading about how it can be. Are you ready for the challenge? Ready to change your life and meet some amazing people? Click below and get the book.

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How to Make Friends As An Adult

A Practical Step by Step Guide to Making New Friends in 21 Days.

Making friends as adults can be difficult, work, family and other responsibilities get in the way and you don't have the time. In this book I set goals that are easily attainable around your current lifestyle, helping you to meet new people in any situation.




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“Every town has a naughty boy like Richard: a gentleman who supplies a line of astonishing whispers that brings tutting crowds together and causes some to boast about how well they know him. Richard is an unconquerable hero who can create a party even when the room is full of strangers. However, his most incredible super power is the ability to take a client, no matter how rough or new… and give them practical and clear guidance that’ll change their lives.”

Marcus Oakey

“I consider Richard a great friend and great charismatic instructor. He has been an inspiration for me in these two weeks. I realised that it’s possible to achieve anything by being more social. Any words are not enough to describe this crazy trip you should come and live this experience for yourself.”

Taxiarchis, 24