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Social Artist - Bristol. Captial of Cool (50 Cities Challenge)

9 years, 10 months ago by socialartist

Bristol. Captial of Cool (50 Cities Challenge)

I had arrived in Bristol after my four hour drive and pulled up at my home for the night which was the Ibis Hotel. I’d parked up half a mile from the hotel because of height restrictions in the hotels car park. I’d been warned that Bristol wasn’t a nice place and the car park seemed to back this up. Parking paid for phone out back to the hotel.



The part of Bristol I was in was all shiny and new. There were lots of bars and once I got back to the hotel I went exploring. I had decided I had to be in bed for midnight as I was up early for work so out I went. I walked through Millennium square and the big shiny ball up to the river. There’s lots of bars here and its kind of like a large outdoor Xscape. As I walked across the bridge and to the other side of the river I could here some buskers and to my amazement they were singing black eyed peas ‘I got a feeling’. The best thing about this was they were about 65. I hurried to the other side while phoning my housemate john to tell him. By the time I’d got there they had finished their rendition of the song and were back to some mundane rubbish. I walked back towards the hotel and saw a Hooters bar. Should I? I decided no, but then I decided why not? I won’t see these people again.



“Table for one please.”

“Where would you like to sit?” Said the lucky man.

“Anywhere, I just need food.”

“OK we will sit you down here, April will be your waitress.” Hmm April I wonder if that’s her real name? Hooters was cool, it wasn’t as seedy as I thought and it would be a cool place just to go for drinks, it was very comfortable.

“Hi I’m April.” Said a bubbly blonde.

“Hi can I get a coke please. I wont some food too but haven’t looked yet.”

“Yep that’s fine, I will come back in a minute to take your order.” April was a nice girl. You could tell from her smile. It was peculiar going to a place to eat on my own, I’d never done it before and felt odd. But I decided I wanted to push myself to do things I was uncomfortable with. I’d finished my very tasty burger and fries and whilst getting my bill I talked to April and told her about my challenge and got a photo with her then off to the hotel for some sleep.



Bristol is cool. I loved the place very chilled and lots of places to go. As a place I would definitely go again.



City Nine Complete.