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Social Artist - Cambridge - 50 Cities Challenge

5 years, 6 months ago by socialartist

Cambridge – 50 Cities Challenge

There are not too many shows to go now and sleeping on people’s floors has been minimized by days off every three shows. Feeling fresh from a day off we reached Cambridge in good time. The usual rigmarole concluded in us having enough time to briefly walk the city before the sun dipped below the horizon of this medieval city.

I was taking in the cities architecture and the people. Thinking how many top doctors, lawyers and professionals lived and were educated in this city and still there was sadness here. It felt that people weren’t connected, weren’t in love here. So much of their time committed to their studies, to reach the ‘top’ in their chosen field at the expense of their hearts. Don’t get me wrong the city is beautiful but it was missing something.



We stumbled upon a below ground burger joint. With hipster walls it was the first bit of modern creativity I saw and the place was deserted. I was in a cheeky, playful mood which is great when interacting with people. There were too girls who were working, both beautiful in different ways. Emmeline had a bubbly energy and delivered our food. “Could I do anything else for you guys?”. She hadn’t known what she had done, how could she? “You’re very beautiful, can I just stare at you for a while?”. Flirting? Yep, was I ashamed? Hell no. My heart was in the right place, If anything this was her moment. I wasn’t trying to take anything from her, only give her a great emotion, a positive one. People don’t do this anymore, honesty is suppressed for the sake of security, for the sake of not being rejected. “Sure!” She responded with the widest smile I’d seen for a while. “You’re too much!” Hitting me playfully to the arm. We talked for a while, I wanted to know about her, why she was happy and who she was. She then left us to eat.




As we left and paid for our food we talked again. Emmeline was from Cambridge but had moved to London and had just returned. Her accent was more to London and that’s what intrigued me. I told her that potential I’d return to Cambridge one day and if that day happened we should go for a drink. She agreed and I took her number and we left.

Be honest with yourself and surround yourself in the people that make you feel good.