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Social Artist - Cardiff – 50 Cities Challenge

5 years, 6 months ago by socialartist

Cardiff – 50 Cities Challenge

Ok, so Wales wasn’t included in the 50 cities as it was only England but I thought while I was there if something happened then I would take it.

I’d only ever been to the north west coast of Wales before and not to the big cities. After a shorter than expected drive, hitting the toll roads and bridges into wales itself we made it to Cardiff in good time and with the band, we loaded in the equipment.




Being on tour with a band visiting all these cities is an illusion, an hour here and an hour there really doesn’t give you time for exploring.

The Venue tonight was the smallest on the tour but people were getting crammed in and the energy was crazy. This was the second night and tonight was another night where we were unsure where we were to sleep.

After the gig I went back to the dressing room and met 2 Ladies and a quirky yet happy gentleman by the name of Sam. “Hey man, we can stay at Sam’s girlfriends house tonight”, such a relief, unsure what type of person puts up 7 guys but it made me happy. I found out that Sam was a musician and once went under the moniker of ‘Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly’, he was actually really good. I remember doing the sound for Sam years ago and on the drive to the house we ended up talking about bands local to me and bands we really liked. Turned out we knew a lot of the same people.





A freezing night was spent on the floor of a unused bedroom and in the morning we went to get ingredients for a fry up and cooked with Sam and on to the next stop.


Over a week later we saw Sam again as he turned up for the London Gig ended up partying and hanging out all night. Another friend, another crazy adventure.