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Social Artist - Coventry. City of Friends (50 Cities Challenge)

9 years, 10 months ago by socialartist

Coventry. City of Friends (50 Cities Challenge)

Coventry was a spur of the moment trip. I had to go to Glastonbury to return some items for work and conveniently Coventry was about half way through my journey and I needed food.

This is the first time I’d been to Coventry and as I parked up and started my walk into the centre I tried to think what I knew about Coventry. Well I knew its football team played in sky blue and at one time had Gordan Strachan as their manager. I walked into the centre looking at the signs and following the blue line on the pavement. I passed through a run down looking shopping centre nothing yet had caught my eye so I decided to try and get my picture at the multistory Ikea I had seen towering from the landscape. This is when I met max & beckie. I stopped them and asked them to take my photo infront of the Ikea, they agreed.

“We are going there now for a drink.” I assumed there were better places to get a drink from in Coventry but hey.



“Can I come?” I asked. This was scarily out of character for me. What if they had said no?

“Yes.” They replied. “I will even buy you a hot chocolate?” Max told me. What!!! I’m a stranger you don’t know me? I was excited by this. So off we went and I told them my story.

“If you make up a family on this computer you get a free drink.” Max told me. We went to the counter with a ticket in hand and was waved on to the drinks machines. FREE DRINKS!

We sat down and chatted Max was at college and Beckie was in her last year at school. Time was going by but I really needed to get to Glastonbury as I didn’t know where I was going to stay yet. I told them I needed a tour and some pictures so off we went. They took me to a chip shop.


“These are the best chips in Cov’.” Max had said and he bought me some. I was amazed. This is the most hospitality I’d seen from anyone towards me as a stranger. We then continued upto the statue of Lady Godiva where they took my picture. I then told them I had to get my picture with them and asked a passing man to do the honours.

“Can we get your number?” Max asked

“Of course.” I generally wouldn’t give my number to people I’d just met in a city but these guys were cool. I gave them my number and trundled off to find where I had parked.

Coventry has been my favorite city so far and meeting Max and Beckie is a memory i will keep with me for a lifetime.

City Six Complete.