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Social Artist - Eurotrip


The Eurotrip is a travelling, relationship and lifestyle masterclass across Europe.

Come join us as we travel for 10 days across 3 countries and cities, between the 30th July – 9th August, learning and practicing all the skills you need to become better with your interpersonal relationships.

Starting in 2013 and now in it’s third year the Eurotrip mixes backpacking style travel with a coaching workshop aimed to make YOU! the best you, that you can be. Not changing who you are but helping you grow in confidence and become an all-round amazing person that will attract great new people into your lives.


• So how are you going to spend your holidays this year?

• Fishing trip with your high school buddies?

• Sitting, watching T.V?

• Lying on a beach, watching the hot bods go by?

• Or are you going to join this unique adventure while seeing some of the greatest cities in Europe?


Social Artist eurotrip




Social Artist Eurotrip bucharest

BUCHAREST 30th – 2nd

You maybe upset to find out that vampires aren’t real but what it lacks in blood sucking mythological beings it makes up with amazing beauty (if Zan Perrion is  an authority). Bucharest is new for our coaches too, so excitement will be shared all-round.

Social artist eurotrip budapest

BUDAPEST – 2nd – 5th

Budapest is a city with great history. Hungary’s capital was one of the destinations of the first Eurotrip back in 2013. Great sites from the bridges that split the city in half to the baths, even for those not passionate about nightlife Budapest has cool quirky venues, which in my opinion are some of the most relaxed and friendly in Europe, offering something for everyone.

Social Artist Eurotrip Krakow

KRAKOW – 5th – 9th

Krakow escaped destruction during the second world war, leaving behind the most romantic looking city in Europe. Krakow has been on both of the previous Eurotrip’s, this is no coincidence. The people are amazing in Krakow, you may fall in love at-least twice a day.



Here’s what happens on the Eurotrip…

The Eurotrip produces excellent results for my clients because we focus on developing a healthy level of self esteem before we go out and actually start meeting people, thus dramatically reducing nerves/anxiety and enabling relaxed, natural interactions without the pressure to “perform”. We’ll work to crush your limiting beliefs and self-doubt, overcome your fear of judgment, develop your conversation skills and charisma, and build a mindset that gives a strong foundation for mastery in this area of your life.


“I realised that it’s possible to achieve anything by being more social. Any words are not enough to describe this crazy trip you should come and live this experience for yourself.”      –  Feedback from client


The Eurotrip is aimed at people who want to improve their relationships, whether romantic or otherwise and will help with the following problems (perhaps you can relate to one or more of these):


1  Tried using techniques to connect with people and not achieved the results you were looking for.

2  Lack of motivation/self doubt issues.

3  Shyness, introverted personality (not actually a problem!!), or social awkwardness.

4  People sometimes find you “creepy” or weird, or you’re worried they will think you’re a “loser” because you don’t consider yourself a “cool person”.

5  Not knowing what to say to the opposite sex, or running out things to say in conversation.

6  Attachment to bad past experiences and/relationships.

7  Not knowing what to do on dates.

8  Getting put in the “friend zone”.

9  First meets seem to go well, but then they run a mile when they get to know you.

10 Total lack of experience with the opposite sex.



You’ll learn how to become someone who:


• Makes decisions rather than excuses.

• Can let go of the shame of past failures.

• Doesn’t let the opinions of others control his life or his actions.

• Doesn’t make the same fundamental mistakes as the majority of people do when it comes to meeting and attracting others.

• Can initiate interactions with new people knowing that you can handle whatever might happen next.

• Can still feel good even when not every interaction goes smoothly or brings any kind of result or outcome.

• Leaves everybody you meet feeling better than you found them.





Destroy approach anxiety

Conversation skills & flirting


How to handle logistics

How to text and phone

Managing energy

State control

Self esteem and confidence

Lifestyle design

Infield coaching day & night

Social circle creation




Bespoke coaching

10 days travelling across Europe

Train travel between 3 countries

Talks by some of the worlds greatest coaches

Full accommodation in some of the best social hostels in the world






rich circle


Richard is the founder of Social Artist and started Eurotrip in 2013 when he and two others travelled to 8 countries in 21 days. The lessons he learnt meant the next year Richard had a better understanding of logistics and which countries worked, he could then refine his teachings so his students get the best of experiences.

Richard has worked with some of the biggest coaches in the world and have spoken to packed rooms on a variety of social topics. Travelling across the globe to work 1 on 1 with clients from different backgrounds with one unified goal, to become more social.





Amadeus is a rebel, an outsider and most of all unique. His story will leave you dumbfounded and open your mind up to the possibilities. Amadeus will get you believing in you, the true you and will have you expressing yourself, your authentic self to everyone you meet.

Amadeus Has been involved in the Coaching community for a long time and now spends his time in Norway with his girlfriend. If you want to know how to make an internal shift and have men and women love you, he’s the man!





David Tee – Krakow

David has been coaching guys to reach their full potential for years, now living in krakow, he is considered the leading dating coaching in Krakow. David will be departing with his great depth of knowledge and helping you guys get maximum results.


john Cooper

John Cooper – Budapest

John will be joining us in Budapest where he currently resides and will be spending time with us there. If you don’t know of John Cooper, He used to work with The Natural Lifestyle boys and ran some of the most successful club nights in London. He now coaches the honest side of meeting and connecting with people, that he calls Social Heartistry.


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**Disclaimer – We don’t take just anyone on this trip, only the people we feel are dedicated to improving this area of their lives.





“I consider Richard a great friend and great charismatic instructor. He has been an inspiration for me in these two weeks. I realised that it’s possible to achieve anything by being more social. Any words are not enough to describe this crazy trip you should come and live this experience for yourself.”

Taxiarchis, 24


“I was lucky enough to take part in the first Eurotrip and it changed my whole life, not only with women but how I viewed myself. Richard was empathetic but knew when to give me the right push. I implore anyone who is thinking about doing this to not miss out, it’s life changing.”

Tom, 29


“I’ve had the pleasure of coaching alongside Rich and even as a trainer, I’ve learnt so much from him. He carries himself like a true professional and has a wealth of knowledge you can learn from. Rich cares deeply about his students; he’s always looking at how he can help them overcome their obstacles and maximise their potential. If you have the opportunity to work with Rich, do it. You won’t regret it.”

Sam Thomas Davies


“Every town has a naughty boy like Richard: a gentleman who supplies a line of astonishing whispers that brings tutting crowds together and causes some to boast about how well they know him. Richard is an unconquerable hero who can create a party even when the room is full of strangers. However, his most incredible super power is the ability to take a client, no matter how rough or new… and give them practical and clear guidance that’ll change their lives.”

Marcus Oakey