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Social Artist - How to Complain, To Get What You Want

5 years, 7 months ago by socialartist

How to Complain, To Get What You Want

How to Complain, To Get What You Want


Ok I admit it, Sometimes the world isn’t all smiles, kisses and hugs. Sometimes you have to know how to complain, to get what you want. Right now I’m in my favourite cupcake shop (they aren’t paying me so I’m not going to mention their name) 😉 My tea was getting cold and I still had lots of work to do. Then up stood an Australian woman, she had the ‘I’d like to speak to the manager haircut’. She was outraged, She had been to this place before and couldn’t believe that the pot of tea she had just bought only made 2 cups!! The last time she was here it made 4, how dare they. She ranted, even telling them she had a coffee before and it was terrible.


Ok, so some context, the pot of tea holds 400ml, the cups are 200ml. But oh no, she wasn’t having it. She berated the poor girls, she couldn’t be wrong. I sat there for a while and thought, hmm I do want more tea, but I’m sure I can do it in a way that doesn’t involve negative energy and put a downer on other people’s days.


“Excuse me, I know this pot of tea holds enough tea for 2 cups and definitely not 4. But I was wondering (pause) could you fill it up for me again?”

The girls saw the funny side of what I said.

“Of course.” They replied and hastily topped up my English breakfast tea.


Now, The same thing was achieved. However I did it without complaining to get what I want. I’m pretty sure these girls will remember me the next time I come. You are free to choose how you do things, but I encourage you to leave people in a better place than you find them and just look at those smiles!