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Social Artist - How To Get Free Stuff (By Being Nice)

5 years, 10 months ago by socialartist

How To Get Free Stuff (By Being Nice)

Getting things for free or cheap is always great. My old man was always great at haggling “These big companies can always give you atleast 10%” he’d say while the attendant approaches us and yeah we probably got that £20 toaster for £18. I wasn’t a fan of haggling. It pitted wit against wit, in a battle where only one would win. This isn’t the battle of Stirling Bridge, both sides can surely get something out of this.


I’m not talking about discount websites and coupon codes here. There is a way to get discounts or even things for free with great interpersonal skills.

I more often then not get a discount in restaurants. If I’ve been to a place more than once the chances increase. On one occasion I challenged the manager to a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors. I told him if he won I’d pay full price, if I won he gave me a discount. I LOST!! But I still got the discount. I’d triggered an emotion in him and broke up his robotic round peg, round hole day. Important always go back and thank them on the way out and shake hands.

Free drinks? Sure, the trick is to make it about the other person and not yourself. Find out about them, where are they from? Where are they going? What’s their passion? I remember arriving half an hour early for an event in a bar. It was quiet so I talked to the bar man. He had a thick Irish accent so our conversation turned to that. We talked for half an hour and my glass was now empty. “Want a top up?” “Sure I responded” Offering money he told me it was fine. Take your time to connect with people and they will return the favour.

My friend Marcus gets discounts and freebies all the time. One I learnt from him while in starbucks say “Can I get a small tea, in a large cup.” Said cheekily and playfully you will now be paying for a large cup at small cup prices.


Be happy. Triggering a good emotion in someone else is a sure fire way to get discount. Maybe tell them a joke or give them a high five. Finish it off with a cheeky “Whats the mates rates on that?” and watch your bill tumble.


Connection is huge and the golden rule here is always ask the member of staff how their day is. It’s great if you can then carry that on maybe joke a little bit with them and maybe compliment them “you’re very happy, you are having a good day, is this normal?” Something honest and genuine.

Be Memorable

If you fade into the background then no one will remember you. Be outgoing, tell the shop staff you’re going to steal something. Brightening their day in such a way will make you memorable.

Bonus Tip

Offering to buy your bartender a drink is gold. They may not be able to take you up on the offer but they will remember your kind heart.