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Social Artist - How To Read Minds, What Your Eyes Say About You

5 years, 10 months ago by socialartist


How To Read Minds, What Your Eyes Say About You

More than just an organ for a sense our eyes can give out constant clues to how we are thinking and feeling.

“The eyes are the gateway to the soul.”

Through eye movement in both horizontal and vertical axis gives us clues to what someone is thinking, it all stems down to how we access certain parts of our brains. Right now you can look up and down left and right without it meaning anything, it’s when our eyes are doing this subconsciously that we give the game away.



Eyes Straight Ahead: Often staring with no focus, zoned out. Quick access to most types of sensory information but usually visual.


Eyes Up and Right: Constructed imagery for example fantasies. And visualization. If someone told you to imagine a red cat balancing on a blue ball, your eyes would look in this direction. Equally if you were making something up and you were visualizing it then this use to be a tell tale sign of a lie, Research shows this to be less of the case now-a-days but if there is an element of constructed visualization it’s a good shout.

up and right

Eyes Up and Left: Remembered imagery. Things like remembering the car your parents had when you were a child, the cover of the book you’re reading all things that are remembered through visualization.

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up and left

Eyes Lateral Right: Imagined sounds and words. Can you imagine the sound of your father pretending to sound like a trumpet?


Eyes Lateral Left: Remembered sounds and words. Think of your favourite song or you mother shouting you down for dinner.

down right

Eyes Down and Right: Feelings, physical and emotional. Imagine the feeling of being cold or burning your tongue these are examples of physical. Emotional might be sadness of a funeral or happiness when you won the raffle.

down left

Eyes Down and Left: Internal talk. Maybe you are giving yourself a pep-talk or maybe going through reasons why you can’t do something.
It’s very interesting to know that with just the eyes you can read other peoples minds. So next time you are chatting to someone check out what their eyes are telling you. Maybe even call them out on it. It’s a great topic of conversation and very fun.

There are different levels of eye contact and just from the amount of eye contact you give will show the person you are talking to character traits.

Too little eye contact can show shyness, shame, inferiority, dishonesty or lack of interest.

The right amount of eye contact shows confidence, trust, likeability, strength, interest and more skilled but over use and Constant eye contact is intimidation.


Are they interested?

There are a few give aways that someone is interested in you. Here are a few.

Dilated pupils is a big one, those puppy dog eyes when a girl is just engrossed in you.

Blinking, over the top, large fluttery blinking is a dead give away your date is interested. The speed of Blinking however can mean different things, Fast can mean anxiety and stress while a slow pace is a sign someone is calm and relaxed

Winking, I love this one. It is more direct and is very cheeky, what better way to let someone know you like them?


***Additional Notes***

– Left handed people will have the eye positions in the opposite for left and right.
– Looking down is also a sign of submissiveness so if you want to give off a strong image get those eyes up

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