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Social Artist - Liverpool. First of 2011 (50 Cities Challenge)

9 years, 7 months ago by socialartist

Liverpool. First of 2011 (50 Cities Challenge)

2011 has started I’m still forgetting to write ‘11’ on the end of dates, nothing changes. It has taken me 22 days into January to be able to get myself together to do another city, but it has been cold. I’d gone through with my girlfriend Laura as she wanted to go shopping, stereotype much?


The drive was about an hour and a half and we arrived and parked up in a car park boasting its £4 all day parking, BARGAIN! We then commenced our walk into the centre with the vaguest of ideas which direction using the Radio City tower as our target, I imagine from above it looks like a pin on an iPhone map so that was good enough for me. The day wasn’t about getting a picture and to be honest I almost forgot. We weaved in and out of the streets looking for the shops Laura wanted to go in (she didn’t seem too commited). After hours of “shopping” the only thing bought was a five minute origami set and I’d bought that, although we did go on a giant roundabout swing thingy (yes I believe that’s its correct name).


We set off to my car without a stranger as I tried to explain to Laura the processof finding a stranger. I nearly failed we reached my car and had found no one, well no one suitable. We turned round and started walking back to the city centre. Then we spotted Rhiain and Steve. I felt rude they were blatantly mid conversation. I told them my story and their reply was perfect, they seemed to get it and understand out of everyone in Liverpool I had come across them. They were nice people and genuinely interested. After the ritual signing and photo session we were on our way.


City Eleven Complete