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Social Artist - London (50 Cities Challenge)

5 years, 8 months ago by socialartist

London (50 Cities Challenge)

I’m calling two birds, one stone with this. London for a northerner is confusing. Two cities? Westminster and City of London? Nah Its London. I’ve decided to make it easier on myself, carrying my trusty polaroid camera round with me is a nightmare and I’ve missed opportunities with strangers for the blog by just not having it with me. I’m sure you won’t be too offended if I detail my friendly meetings with new folk and use my trusty smartphone to document the proof?



Ok so here it is. The first one of the ‘new era’. I was with my friend, Tom down in Spitalfields market in that, there, London town and passing us by were two girls. Now we had just had a talk about how observations can be great to start conversations, even better if they are something not physical (I.e how someone looks). As the two girls passed my mouth went into a fit of tourettes. “You have to be sisters” I uttered, it was a fair assumption, similar height, dark hair and great vibe between the two. It was true, “I think you’re spanish.” again true. We then chatted for a while. The great thing about observations are that if they are right, you are likely to amaze, if they are wrong, you will often be corrected and this itself is better than a question that leads to a closed question (yes or no).



We ended up walking with them as we were heading the same direction and found out that Gemma was visiting Marta from Barcelona as Marta was now living in London. They were fun and happy people so we swapped facebook details to try and meet up later in the week. I was only there for a few more days but Tom the whole week. That week we never managed a meeting but we kept in contact. Just this week I was in London for an entire week. I sent Marta a message after seeing her photos about leaving Barcelona and on my very last day we managed to catch up for a drink before I left. It was nice to see her, she was very smiley and you could start a conversation and she would just talk and talk, it was great!


So there it is, a random meeting with a random stranger and to be fair we met in ‘The City’ and had drinks the second time round in Westminster so I think thats ok. So remember your mouth can sometimes get you in trouble, but also it can make you meet great people.


London and Westminster DONE!