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Social Artist - Portsmouth - 50 Cities Challenge

5 years, 7 months ago by socialartist

Portsmouth – 50 Cities Challenge

So today was the first day of tour. I’m touring with a local band (Allusondrugs) whom are friends supporting Enter Shikari. We After driving for 5 hours we reached the venue, a pyramid venue that is also a leisure centre. Jumping out of the van we were greeted by local crew who swiftly loaded all our equipment in to a lift and into the venue. For years I worked as a sound engineer and there were a few of the crew that I recognised. It was soon our turn to soundcheck and time was flying. I went for a walk around south sea area of Portsmouth by the lighthouse tower on the waterfront, by this time it was dark but I wanted to make sure I took in some of Portsmouth as this was my first visit.





The show went smooth, although I was hungry. Spying a lonely looking lady selling hotdogs I thought to myself, I could have one of those and I’m pretty sure for free. Now I’m not a seasoned criminal and robbery really isn’t my scene so armed with only a smile and my charm I went to talk to my new would be friend. “How are you? Have you had a good day?” She told me that it had been good, she got to see the show for free and got paid too. Although she was in trouble as she had cooked too many hot dogs and her manager wasn’t happy. We talked and I introduced myself and she told me her name was Carly. I cheekily said “So its the end of the night, do you want me to help you get rid of one of those hotdogs?” I gave a greatly exaggerated wink. She looked around and with her manager infant she said “here quickly.” I told her she was a star and we chatted more before I left her to her tidying.


We then drove to our home for the night which was a friends sisters house where we could bed down for the night using her house and a caravan (tour luxury I tell thee).



So remember always go into meeting someone new with a positive attitude, make it more about them and find out about them. You never know you might get a free hotdog.