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“Every town has a naughty boy like Richard: a gentleman who supplies a line of astonishing whispers that brings tutting crowds together and causes some to boast about how well they know him. Richard is an unconquerable hero who can create a party even when the room is full of strangers. However, his most incredible super power is the ability to take a client, no matter how rough or new… and give them practical and clear guidance that’ll change their lives.”

Marcus Oakey

“Meeting Richard around 18 months ago has had a major affect on my improvements in all areas social, from intimate relationships to family relationships Richard has shown me new and improved ways to relate to others. Being around him has inspired me to become an all round more sociable person and today I am feeling the benefits. If you are ready to take control of your social life and overall happiness get into contact with Richard, you will be happy you did.”

 Zachary, 20