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Social Artist - The Be Yourself Myth - Best Or Worst Advice Ever?

5 years, 7 months ago by socialartist

Be Yourself

The Be Yourself Myth – Best Or Worst Advice Ever?

Be yourself? I was just thinking about this and I came to this realisation and had to share it with you guys.

I’m sat in Starbucks right now doing research and I thought why is ‘be yourself’ the worst advice ever and the best advice all at the same time.
I came to the conclusion that in all that we do as people we can chose one of two paths. So imagine I’m a bowler, my friend says ‘be yourself’ when it comes to women and I just make these women think I’m some geek, loser, bowling guy. For me coolness might be a footballer or a rockstar. So identifying with being a bowler I already think people will assume I’m uncool. So that makes me want to NOT be myself.

You see, It’s not the things I do that make me either a loser or a rockstar, it’s how I chose to express it. Check out the movie ‘blackball’ it’s a great movie about a lawn bowler who is the rockstar of lawn bowls. He is a total badass. You attach a reality to things. You can choose to be the cool bowler, the rockstar or you can choose to be the dud.

If you own all that you do and all that you are that’s when “BE YOURSELF” is the best bit of advice ever, you have passion and you’re not phased what others think, you are a total badass. When you don’t own it, you’re insecure about it and this in turn lowers your self esteem because you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe that you’re a cool motherfucker, that’s when “be yourself” is the worst bit of advice ever.

So be who you are, don’t be afraid of expressing the real you. After all YOU ARE A COOL MOTHERFUCKER.

Oh and yes That’s me on the left 6 years ago.