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Social Artist - Talk like a boss! And get what you want!

5 years, 9 months ago by socialartist

Talk like a boss! And get what you want!

Bill Clinton, Martin Luther King Jr., Margret Thatcher all great orators, they inspire, lead, Influence and persuade not only with their words but also with their vocal tonality.

The words that come out of our mouths aren’t the only things that tell people how we’re feeling. There are a few things that give away what we are thinking or feeling, one of these is your voice tonality.

You might be telling someone how happy you are but inside you’re crying. Some people can cover this up, some not so much. However if you are trying to appear confident when meeting new people but inside you’re feeling anxious these incongruences will affect how people respond and treat you.

There are two main types of vocal tonality: Dominant and submissive.


Submissive’s are passive and when they talk they sound like they are doubting themselves, they come across as less brave and weak.



Dominant’s on the other hand are leaders, they are assertive and make you feel secure. You can trust their words and respect them more.


Vocal Tonality

Certain characteristics of your vocal tone will mean you’re dominant or submissive.

Volume – Submissive types will not speak with great volume, usually through fear. Where dominant types speak loud with projection and are not afraid who hears.

Inflection – Your inflection is what happens at the end of your sentences. Submissive’s will go up at the end making everything sound like a question. (think Australian accent) what this does is make it seam like you’re questioning what you just said and doesn’t fill people with hope. Dominant however will remain flat or take a downwards inflection giving the impression that they know what they’re talking about.

Pitch – It is known that the lower tone is much more strong and shows power also it can be used in a very seductive way (the sexy low voice).

Speed – Slower is better. It shows that you are not worried that people will jump in an interrupt you. If you speak fast it shows that you are worried people will take your limelight or what you are talking about is not interesting enough, so keep it slow.

Clarity – Slow and low will only get you so far. If you are not pronunciating properly people will not understand you and it will be difficult to get your point across.

Passion – Be animated with your voice and talk with passion. Monotone voices will put people to sleep. Emphasize words and use your body when you talk, it will be exciting and engaging for your audience.


Record Yourself!

It’s good practice to record yourself and listen back to it. Are you speaking too fast? Are you lacking passion? Are your words a big pile of mush? Listening to yourself and being critical will help you start to change how you talk.

It is totally possible to change the way you speak. I used to speak so fast, people couldn’t understand me. I remember one person even told me “Hey man, slow the F*ck down, I can’t understand a word you say.” So if I can do it so can you.