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Social Artist - Wells. Smallest City in England (50 Cities Challenge)

9 years, 10 months ago by socialartist

Wells. Smallest City in England (50 Cities Challenge)

I arrived in Wells late on Tuesday. I Was trying to find a hotel for the night but a city with only 10,000 people there isn’t much choice. I parked up and walked into the centre remembering to tag where I was parked on my phone. I walked down alleys till I reached the high street. To a stranger Wells on a night is a scary place. There’s very few street lights and very few people. I’d found a few places that offered rooms but they were so expensive. It was now raining so I thought I would head back to the van and give Wells a miss for tonight and return maybe in the morning. As I got my phone out to follow the map back to where I was parked I realised it had deleted my tag. SHIT. 15 minutes later I managed to find where I’d parked and off I went back to Bristol first then Bath to find a Hotel.



Wednesday. Wells during the day is quite nice. Reminds me of Ripon I guess. I was on route to Glastonbury today which took me through Wells so a quick trip this time. Wells pretty much has a Co-op, WH Smiths and weirdly an ASK restaurant. I’d asked an elderly lady to take my Picture in front of the cathedral, her thumb got in the way (see pic). In the Centre of the City I spotted a man playing the accordian. He was a smiley man and I thought this guy is perfect I checked my pockets for change and realised I had none. So I ran to the Co-op and bought some chewing gum. I Went back to the busker and threw a pound into his rather empty box. He smiled Gratefully, I stood back and listened for a while. I then took out my phone and made the international gesture for ‘I take your photo, yes?’ the man nodded.

“Can I have a photo with you?” I asked

“err yes.” I could tell his English wasn’t great. I told him in broken English what I was doing.

“I will get someone to take the picture.”



This is another bad thing about Wells. The people are old and very ignorant. I must have asked 4 people before I got a positive response. Some didn’t even wait for the question.

I then showed my new friend Nicolas my other photos. Thanked him then gladly left Wells.

I hadn’t had much luck in Wells and the person who had the most to offer was the person who had the least to give.


City Eight Complete.